A new board for Anvaya


A new board of directors has been elected directly by its members for the Anvaya association.

Founded in 2010, the Anvaya association aims to unite the members of the Cambodian diaspora and to act as a facilitator for those who choose to settle in their country of origin. Soreasmey KE BIN, co-founder and past president of the association, hands it over to a new team: “This is a turning page for our association. The ones who founded Anvaya generally returned to Cambodia in the 2000s. Today, we are handing the association over to a new generation, members of the Cambodian diaspora who arrived in Cambodia more recently. This is a logical continuation, and we have full confidence in their ability to continue the work of Anvaya and its development for the benefit of our country and its diaspora communities.”

Elected by members of the association, Anvaya’s new leadership is composed of President Borin PIN (French); the three Vice-Presidents Rothany SRUN (American), Vanaka CHHEM-KIETH (French & Canadian) , Valentin HAY (Canadian); and Secretary General/Treasurer Mony VUN (French).

What motivated Borin, the newly elected President, to join Anvaya in 2014 was his belief that “the Khmer diaspora is a living bridge between our adopted countries and Cambodia; we see it as an engine for sharing, learning, and bridging cultural differences “. For the next two years, its ” main objective will be to connect the diaspora communities from all over the world through various mediums such as sport, lectures, convivial meetings, or even writing articles. Our team will be there to coordinate these activities, while encouraging all the members of our community to contribute with their experience and motivations to keep this association growing. We therefore envision a more open and interactive association with local Cambodians, various Khmer organizations abroad, and other diaspora groups “. This objective will have to be done with the members as Vanaka reminds it, one of the three new Vice-presidents: “it is essential that our network feels invested in the life of the association“. The management team does not make the association, it is its members.

The new team will officially take up their duties on December 1st.

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