Upcoming internal election for Anvaya presidency and board of directors


The Anvaya association has modified its constitutive charter, and is organizing internal elections for its Presidency and Board of Directors in Cambodia.

Since its birth seven years ago, Anvaya has succeeded in providing as platform for repatriated Cambodians to connect, network, and give them a sense of familiarity in Cambodia. Anvaya has a very strong base here in Cambodia and has started other chapters in the US and Canada within the diaspora communities. Today, Anvaya is still the main organization of this community and is recognized by the Cambodian authorities, foreign embassies and Cambodian civil society organizations.

It is acknowledged that Anvaya has played a major role to help many new arrivals adjust and take flight in Cambodia, thanks to its unique and diverse network. Through many events organized by Anvaya, people connected during monthly after work gathering, learned to communicate better from language lessons, and raised important issues during meetings with influential personalities.

Anvaya was founded in the frame of a nominative and co-opting structure to maintain its representativeness between a large French diaspora and its other members, especially English-speaking people. Furthermore, we wanted to mix the profiles, the generations, with people coming from the business world and others from NGOs or the culture community.

It is time to hand this over to our members who will vote for the future board of Anvaya. To do so, and following a proposal by our founding president, our current Council has voted a new version of our constitutive charter. This charter states that the members will vote for a list which will be Anvaya’s future board for a two-year term.

This new charter leads to the automatic dissolution of the Council and the current Committee of the organization. Our association would like to thank all our councilors; many of them were founding members, to have dedicated time and energy for Anvaya when we did solicit them. We do hope that they will remain members of our association, and will help the new directors when needed.

Elections will be organized by mid-October, it would result in giving a new impetus to our organization, Anvaya will continue to play a role in and for today’s and tomorrow’s Cambodia.

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