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The anvaya emblem is a set of three lotus flowers, which are superimposed form a single flower. Each flower symbolizes one of the continents of the Cambodian diaspora (Europe, America and Oceania), which together represent Cambodia.

Identity research or economic opportunities, social or corporate engagement, the returns of Cambodians from abroad multiply, and if the paths and profiles differ, they meet on the essentials, namely the desire to rediscover and help their country of origin. It is from this observation, and with the aim of supporting this movement, that the Anvaya initiative, an independent, non-political and non-profit organisation, was launched in 2010.

Now registered as an association with the Cambodian authorities, Anvaya continues its missions of gathering returnees and welcoming returnees. In addition, Anvaya is now expanding its network with the various communities of the Diaspora in order to better communicate about opportunities in Cambodia. Moreover, Anvaya also has the ambition and the will to be recognized as a real force of proposal in the future, a recognized player in the country’s rebirth and a privileged interlocutor of civil society, the private sector, international institutions or governmental bodies.